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Dramatic actor Steve Carell finally gets to be funny again as next week's SNL host

Photo: Frazier Harrison (Getty Images)

Outside of last week’s solid outing, this has been a predictably weak season of Saturday Night Live, with the show lacking the fangs to rip any resonant comedy out of our absurd times. Maybe that’ll change on November 17, when Oscar nominee and professional funny person Steve Carell steps in for his third hosting gig. Or maybe they’ll bring Alec Baldwin back to mug into the camera some more.

Carell’s currently getting plenty of buzz for his turn in the addiction drama Beautiful Boy, and will soon anchor (both literally and figuratively) Apple’s upcoming morning-news drama alongside Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. As such, it’ll be nice to see him drawing laughs again, even if we’d rather see him do it on a Dana Carvey Show reunion.


“Boo’d Up” singer Ella Mai will be the musical guest on the episode, which will follow this weekend’s pairing of Liev Schreiber and Lil Wayne.

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