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Drake’s recent album Scorpion has turned into an absolute tidal wave of content, apparently attempting to wash away any ill will (or pesky feuds) he might have built up over the last few years in a still-oncoming rush of songs, singles, and videos. The Canadian rapper launched his latest deluge earlier tonight, debuting the video for “In My Feelings,” and filling it with tributes to the occasionally life-threatening viral dance craze the song recently inspired.

For those unfamiliar, the “In My Feelings” challenge was inspired by comedian Shiggy—who features prominently in the video—who grabbed a big hunk of that good viral fame by filming himself dancing to the song in the middle of the street a few months back. And because the internet is a place of eternal escalation, the subsequent hundreds and thousands of response videos the challenge has inspired have only gotten more dangerous from there, mostly by incorporating moving vehicles, public fines, and, in at least a few cases, livestock.

Heck, even Will Smith—in his new incarnation as a would-be social media influencer—got in on the fun, filming himself dancing on top of a bridge in Budapest as part of the “challenge. (Drake, never one to let some free promotion fall by the wayside, cheerfully incorporated a bit of Smith’s stunt into his video.) It’s all distracting enough—hey, Phylicia Rashad—to pull attention from the catchiness of the song itself, Drake’s attempt to riff on the conventions of New Orleans bounce.


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