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Drake staged a sex-and-puke-filled Degrassi reunion for his latest Scorpion video

Illustration for article titled Drake staged a sex-and-puke-filled iDegrassi/i reunion for his latest iScorpion /ivideoem/em
Screenshot: “Im Upset”

Nothing says “Please stop talking about diss tracks, and any accusations of fatherhood they might contain about me” like a little nostalgia, puke, and sex, right? That seems to be the guiding philosophy of Drake’s latest video for his upcoming album Scorpion—out June 29—that sees young Aubrey Graham revisit his old stomping grounds with a vulgar, explosive return to Degrassi Community School, complete with a bunch of returning favorites, and also Jay & Silent Bob.

We’ll be honest: Our knowledge of various Degrassi characters falls somewhere short of encyclopedic, so we’ll have to take other people’s word that the “Im Upset” return of Spinner, Manny, and more Degrassi favorites are a big deal for fans of Canadian teen soaps. We do at least, know enough to recognize actor Ephraim Ellis—a.k.a., “the guy who shot Drake on that one episode of Degrassiwho appears briefly, before being chased down by Drake’s OVO Sound crew.

[via Pitchfork]

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