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Drake releases new songs in response to “hackers”

Not since the early ‘90s have people who fall under the vague definition of “hacker” had a bigger year. First they stole all of those celebrity photos, then they almost started a nuclear war, and now they’ve somehow driven former Degrassi student-turned-rapper Drake to release three new songs. This comes via Entertainment Weekly, which reports that Drake posted on his SoundCloud page that “hackers” had somehow hacked their way through the Internet and uncovered some of his unreleased songs. Presumably, they did it by hitting a bunch of random keys on their keyboards really fast and saying stuff like “Ha! That firewall was no match for my skillz,” but we really have no idea how hacking works. In order to stick it to these guys, Drake then decided to just release the new songs himself.

The three tracks are titled “6 God,” “How Bout Now,” and “Heat Of The Moment.” Sadly, for fans of prog-rock bands from the ‘80s, that last one is not a cover of Asia’s “Heat Of The Moment.” You can listen to the three Drake songs below—without even having to break into anyone’s mainframe or some other hacker-sounding thing—but if anyone would rather hear an Asia cover, we can also help with that.


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