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Drake performed at a bat mitzvah in New York over the weekend

The bat mitzvah is a beautiful landmark in a young Jewish girl’s life. Usually near her 13th birthday, she gets called to the Torah to recite a few passages, make her parents swell with pride, and keep the fragile ecosystem of bar/bat mitzvah DJs afloat with the customary after-party. Unfortunately, that community sustained a heavy blow over the weekend as noted Jew Aubrey Drake Graham crashed a bat mitzvah party in New York City. Entertainment Weekly reports the rapper gave teenage fans in attendance an intimate show, performing “Summer Sixteen” and “My Way,” as well as serenading the presumed bat mitzvah girl with “Hotline Bling.”


It’s not clear if Drake was paid to show up, but his penchant for a wild bar mitzvah party is well established, so it’s entirely possible that was legitimately the most enticing option to him on a free Saturday night in New York. Needless to say, the tri-state area’s bar mitzvah DJ rankings will undoubtedly undergo some reshuffling in the wake of his appearance.

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