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Drake offers up a Billboard Music Awards shout-out to one of the real heroes: Arya Stark

Photo: Kevin Mazur (Getty Images), Helen Sloan (HBO)

[Note: This article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones.]

It can be difficult, when accepting a major award, to know who to allot your extremely limited time for accolades and gratitudes to. Your mom? (She probably already knows.) Your producers? (It’s been done.) God? (We can’t imagine He gives a shit about your local Emmy, dude.) No, when it comes to picking people to shout-out before the play-’em-off music starts, we’ve got to turn to Drake, a man who knows exactly how to highlight one of the real heroes of the modern era when he’s picking up the gold: Arya Stark.

This is per THR, which notes that the former King Of Degrassi Middle School paid tribute to the possible future Queen In The North at tonight’s Billboard Music Awards, finishing a sincere appreciation during his acceptance of Top Billboard 200 album with a quick “Shout-out to Arya Stark for putting in the work last week!”


Arya did, indeed, put in the work in the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones, if by “work” you mean “her knife,” and by “in,” you mean “into the head of the Night King, killing off the season’s seemingly most major antagonist with three episodes left to go.” And while there have been a variety of mostly-dudes on the internet who’ve spent their time since Sunday trying to find ways to negate or minimize Arya’s accomplishment, Drake seemed perfectly happy to acknowledge that an entire series’ worth of training and gradually evolving badassery finally paid off. Game recognize game (of thrones).

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