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Drake offered to talk down a suicidal man on a bridge, police said “no thanks”

(Photo: Getty Images, Harmony Gerber)

Drake is already an accomplished rapper and actor, but he recently tried to expand his résumé even further by giving real-life heroism a try. According to the Manchester Evening News (via Pitchfork), Drake’s tour bus was caught in traffic over the weekend in England because of a man who was apparently threatening to jump off of a bridge. At some point, a police officer nearby was approached by someone from Drake’s entourage who explained that Drake would be willing to try and talk to the man if the police thought it might help. They “declined with thanks,” and they eventually brought the man safely down from the bridge on their own, taking him to a hospital for treatment.

The report doesn’t say why Drake thought he’d be able to talk this man down or why he would voluntarily put himself in a position where a man’s life literally depended on him, but at least he was thinking about this situation in a more positive way than simply being annoyed by the traffic. Who knows, maybe Drake is hoping to get into the superhero game and he thought this would be a good way to get his name out there. Of course, Jimmy Olsen never walks up to the cops and asks if they want Superman’s help, so if this is Drake’s plan, maybe he should be more proactive next time.


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