Just yesterday, Drake was getting press for (rightly) dissing Macklemore in Rolling Stone. Today, it’s the actual existence of the Rolling Stone piece that’s getting press, as well as Drake’s opinions about it. Specifically, the controversy is over Drake’s tweet bashing the magazine for promising him the cover, only to renege last minute in favor of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. Because, obviously, press for a young, living rapper/actor who’ll no doubt be on other magazine covers should take precedence over an in-depth look at the shocking death of one of the greatest actors of our generation. Though, to Drake’s credit, he did manage to tweet, “RIP to Philip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due” as an afterthought.

Drake’s also Twitter-pissed at the magazine for printing some allegedly off-the-record comments he made about Kanye West, whom Drake’s worked with on a number of projects. While the whole piece isn’t available online yet, Drake reportedly spends part of the interview clowning on West’s Yeezus track “I’m In It,” which Drake says contains “some real questionable bars”—like West’s line about “Swaghili,” something Drake thinks would be sub-par for any rapper, “even Fabolous.”


Drake avows that he “never commented on Yeezus for my interview portion of Rolling Stone”—which makes it sound like he made those comments during parts of the conversation officially unrelated to the interview. Still, any journalist probably would have considered them fair game, unless Drake specifically demanded they be off the record.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this Rolling Stone interview could mark the last time fans have to hear from Drake in the press. Tweeting, “The press is evil,” Drake concluded, “I'm done doing interviews for magazines. I just want to give my music to the people. That’s the only way my message gets across accurately.”