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Drake and Peggy Olson, together at last

It’s debatable whether or not Drake really started from the bottom. Many people would say that, given his pre-rap career as one of the stars of a Canadian teen soap opera, he more started from somewhere in the middle, which is probably accurate.

You know who really did start from the bottom, though? Peggy Olson, who began her career in the secretarial pool at Sterling Cooper, and through a mixture of intelligence, hustle, and occasional ruthlessness, rose to be the Copy Chief at Sterling Cooper & Partners. That’s chutzpah.


And now, thanks to the internet, you can watch Drake’s admittedly amazing hustle anthem being put to the most perfect use imaginable, as a soundtrack to Olson’s rise to the top. Bravo, internet.

(Thanks to reader Hayden James for the tip.)

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