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Drake and Meek Mill finally quash beef, so as to better focus energy on other, more profitable beefs

Photo: Prince Williams (Getty Images)

Okay, quick show of hands: Who remembers the Drake-Meek Mill feud? Oh, c’mon: It was all the rap-rage back in 2015, mostly because Mill—pre his most recent prison sentence, which is its own whole, outrageous can of worms—somehow managed to release a diss track so bad that it made Drake come off as a badass by comparison. (Heck, even a burger chain’s Twitter account agreed, and this was back in the days before every single online brand was positioning itself as the king of the comedic life-coach memelords.)

Still, three years is a long time in both the rap and the petty bullshit games; certainly long enough for accusations of ghostwriting and…lack of Tweeting? Really?—to give way to “Here’s a picture of you in blackface, and, oh yeah, you’re a deadbeat dad.” So we’re happy to report that peace has finally been forged between the Houses Of Mill And Scorpion, up to the point that Mill announced today that Drake had collaborated on “Going Bad,” a track off of his upcoming album Championships. Hopefully, this newfound armistice will free up both men to engage in other, more profitable beefs.


Like, say, Cardi B’s ongoing feud with Mill’s ex, Nicki Minaj, which will apparently be addressed on a different track, “On Me,” off of the upcoming album. Per Vulture, the track will feature Cardi taking some subtle jabs at Minaj, and will hopefully rate high enough to get a mention from Wendy’s, rather than merely a second rate sandwich-dispensary/online presence like Whataburger. Other collaborators on the albums—beefs TBA—include Young Thug, Future, JAY-Z, and 21 Savage; you can see an Instagram post with Championship’s track list on it below. 

[via Pitchfork]

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