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Drake and Blink-182 collide in “Hotline Blink”

In all likelihood, mashup producer Dr. Brixx probably just decided to combine Blink-182’s turn-of-the-millennium hit “Adam’s Song” and “Hotline Bling” because “bling” and “blink” are assonants, but it he may have stumbled on to something.

There’s something about Blink’s touching teen suicide tribute being laced over Drake’s purposefully Muzak-friendly beat that’s super uncomfortable. It doesn’t sound bad, but the dissonance between the lyrics and the instrumental is just really jarring. (We’re assuming that was intentional, in which case, well played Dr. Brixx.)


The absolute highlight of the song, though, comes two-thirds of the way through. Blink’s crisp harmonies slide into the piano part of “Bling,” which then fades back into the harmonies, which go strong until the finish of the song.

Also, the visual of Drake “Hotline Bling” dancing to Mark Hoppus’ vocals is priceless.

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