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Dr. Ken’s latest Community reunion will also feature Alison Brie

(Photo: NBC/Getty Images)

Last month we learned that Dan Harmon would be visiting Dr. Ken to play one “Dan Harmon, the creator of a new community college-set TV series.” Sound familiar? Now he’ll be joined by Alison Brie as, according to Entertainment Weekly, “Alison Brie, an actress who has been cast on Harmon’s new comedy that’s set at a community college.“

That’s quite a Community reunion in an episode about a TV show that sounds an awful lot like Community. (Other Community alums have previously joined their former cast mate on the sitcom as well.) EW further reports that the installment will find Ken Jeong’s semi-autobiographical character auditioning for fake Dan Harmon’s fake show, and having to read opposite fake Alison Brie. The episode is set to air March 31.


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