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Dr. Horrible sequel could begin filming next year, according to people who seem to say that every year

Providing the first encouraging hint of imminent production on Dr. Horrible 2 since the last one, co-creator Maurissa Tancharoen tells MTV that the long-promised sequel to the Neil Patrick Harris-starring sing-along lark is closer than ever to being "closer than ever." According to her, "The goal is that we are going to be shooting next year, and getting the script and everything done at the end of this year. So that is something that we’re actually physically working on now," despite not literally physically working on it at the moment of being interviewed, which would really be the best evidence after four years of promises that they are, indeed, physically working on it.

And of course, Tancharoen and her Dr. Horrible collaborators, husband Jed Whedon and his brother Joss, are all plenty busy working on their ABC pilot S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as, in Joss' case, a sequel to The Avengers, suggesting that fitting a Dr. Horrible script into their crowded schedule by the end of this year might be a lot to ask of them. Nevertheless, here is another promise of exactly that, coincidentally timed to preview Dr. Horrible's TV premiere on The CW next Tuesday. So get excited! Again!


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