As a direct result of us calling him out yesterday, we think, Dr. Dre has finally issued his first actual, finished song from the bordering-on-mythical Detox, proving that he’s not going to just sit back and let the Steven Slaters and Angelinas of this world run this rap game. After the letdown of the leaked “Under Pressure”—the lackluster response to which sent Dre scrambling to disown it as unfinished—Dre hopes to bounce back with the new, officially sanctioned “Kush,” which should hopefully prove that he really has been working on an album this whole time in between plugging for Dr Pepper, computers, headphones, and his signature cognac. (Need further evidence? Here’s the cover of next month’s XXL.) “Kush” features Akon and Snoop Dogg easing back over some old-school, slowly rolling G-funk, and had it been released a month ago, Prop. 19 may have passed.