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Despite not releasing a record or doing much of anything this year besides performing with a Tupac hologram at Coachella, Dr. Dre is 2012’s highest-paid musician, according to Forbes. Dre nabbed the top spot with a total income of $110 million, $100 million of which he made by selling his widely popular but just-okay-sounding Beats By Dre headphones. Late last year—though counted toward this year’s totals—HTC paid $300 million to Dre and his partners for a 51-percent stake in that company. Dre and his partners later bought back half of what they sold, but these totals don’t really take into account what kind of money these musicians put out into the world, whether they’re buying companies or yachts or houses or whatever.


Roger Waters comes in second on the list, raking in a cool $88 million thanks in part to his tour behind The Wall. Elton John earned $80 million to put toward new wacky glasses, U2 $78 million, and Take That, the ‘90s British boy band that reunited in 2005, earned a cool $69 million to come in fifth. Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney both made $57 million, proving that Swift is just as immortal, talented, and relevant as a Beatle, and Justin Bieber—who is 18 goddamn years old—and Toby Keith tied at $55 million. Combined, Beyoncé and Jay-Z made $78 million for their little household. Meanwhile, Adele racked up a cool $35 million by sitting at home and having a baby. Finally, Michael Bublé and Sade bring up the bottom of the list with $34 and $33 million, respectively.

Check out all the totals here and weep, for you won't even come close to making as much money over the course of your entire life as Justin Bieber made in just a single year.

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