Dr. Dre hasnā€™t licensed his best and most famous record to the streaming site he owns. As Digital Music News pointed out earlier today, Dreā€™s The Chronic is unavailable on Beats Music. Other Dre recordsā€”2001, the instrumental version of 2001ā€”are available, but not Dreā€™s biggest release.

The rapper has famously kept his work off streaming services like Spotify and Rdio. Itā€™s a move that ultimately contributed to the successful launch of Beats Music, a site that famously bills itself as ā€œartist-friendly.ā€ Beats currently hosts more than 20 million licensed tracksā€”though again, none of them are ā€œLet Me Rideā€ or ā€œNuthinā€™ But A ā€˜Gā€™ Thang.ā€Ā