In a recent interview with The Fader, Dr. Dre re-affirmed his career-long professional philosophy to “make sure everything I do is the shit.” Unfortunately, Dre was referring to his Beats By Dre line of headphones, not Detox, his long-in-the-works follow-up to 1999’s The Chronic 2001. In fact, aside from producing Kendrick Lamar and Slim Da Mobster, Dre appears to be backing away from music for the time being. “The longest I’ve ever been out of the studio in 27 years has been two weeks,” Dre said. “I feel like I’m gonna take a little bit of a break. I’m never gonna stop music, it’s like air to me. So I’m gonna to take a little bit of a break, enjoy some time with the family until I get that itch to get back in.” Dre doesn’t mention Detox in the interview, but this break presumably delays the record’s release indefinitely. [via HipHopDX]