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Dowsing showcases sugary melodies on “World’s Finest Chocolate”

Chicago’s Dowsing has been a victim of the hype surrounding the “emo revival.” While it has always run parallel to the movement, its tie is strengthened by being part of the Count Your Lucky Stars roster, and that’s the label that will be releasing the band’s split with another emo outlier, Annabel, on May 27. On the split Dowsing continues its trend of taking simple pop songs and pushing them to the limits, as “World’s Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)” displays. The A.V. Club is premiering the track below, which sees vocalist Erik Czaja push his voice until it powerfully cracks yet never crumbles. Joining Czaja is his Pet Symmetry bandmate Evan Weiss (also of Into It. Over It. and Their / They’re / There) who offers a lighter take on the track’s sugary melody throughout.

“World’s Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)” can be heard below, and pre-orders for Dowsing’s split with Annabel can be found in the Count Your Lucky Stars store.


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