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Download "Fuck You Mistletoe," the new single from Kyle Dunnigan's new "Craig" Christmas album

Comedian, writer, and Professor Blastoff host Kyle Dunnigan has been playing awkward character “Craig” for a while now, both in his stand-up and on Reno 911. Now, “Craig” has been forced into a recording studio and made (or maybe gently persuaded) to record a Christmas album. Craig’s All-Star Rockin’ Christmas, You Guys! and features joyful holiday appearances from a number of Dunnigan’s comedy compatriots, including Amy Schumer and Jesse Thomas. Tracks include “My Baby Lamb Has Christmas Cancer” and “I Farted On Santa.” Craig’s twin brother Kurt even shows up to sing country ballad “Fuck You Mistletoe,” which A.V. Club can download exclusively over at Topspin.

Craig’s All-Star Rockin’ Christmas is out in early December. Fans can even get a tawdry look at Craig’s racy album cover shoot here.


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