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Download Fred Armisen's Saturday Night Live punk odes to Margaret Thatcher for free

Fred Armisen is adept at using punk rock as a platform for comedy, and it's a well he has no problem visiting again and again. After the attention Armisen gained fronting the fictional '80s hardcore band Crisis Of Conformity—with Dave Grohl and Ashton Kutcher in tow—during a Saturday Night Live sketch, the two Armisen-penned hardcore parodies made it all the way to a 7-inch on Drag City. 

Armisen recently revisited punk for another skit on SNL, focusing on the single, made-up act that championed Margaret Thatcher, Ian Rubbish & The Bizzaros. This time around Armisen donned traditional '70s garb, threw on a British accent, and applied The Clash's tried-and-true sound to songs such as "Maggie Thatcher" and "Sweet Iron Lady." And as with the Drag City release, now you can own them on the four-song EP of Ian Rubbish songs Armisen has just made available for free download, an act of charity Thatcher would probably have vetoed.


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