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Dougray Scott will battle Miami’s vices in Irvine Welsh’s Crime

Photos: Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images; Ulf Andersen/Getty Images

Irvine Welsh is slowly but steadily making the transition from film to TV, following his move from books to cinema. Last year, TBS announced it was developing a comedy based on Welsh’s Hype novel, which will focus on the Miami arts scene (not to be confused with its sound machine). Of course, the Trainspotting author has plenty of other succinctly-titled works to bring to the big and small screens. His Filth has already made it to theaters, and now Empire Magazine’s learned that its sequel, Crime, is being adapted for TV.

Welsh is reworking his novel with his usual collaborator, Dean Cavanaugh. The author hasn’t shopped the idea around to networks yet, but he has tapped fellow Scotsman Dougray Scott to star. The actor, late of Fear The Walking Dead, will play an older version of Ray Lennox, who was played by Jamie Bell in the 2014 film. Crime will pick up with the now-seasoned police detective living in Miami, who’s haunted by memories of his last investigation (involving a pedophile ring). But Welsh is promising “a classic journey from darkness into light, and despite the troubling subject matter, I think an uplifting one,” which is familiar territory for the author.


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