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Dougray Scott to trade werewolves for zombies on Fear The Walking Dead

Dougray Scott (Credit by: Getty Images)

Considering Dougray Scott’s last regular TV gig was as Dr. Norman Godfrey on Netflix’s Hemlock Grove, it seems he’s developed a fondness for the monstrous. (How “Fondness For The Monstrous” isn’t already the name of a Fallout Boy song is a mystery for another day.) TV Line reports the actor has lined up his next recurring television gig: Scott is joining the cast of Fear The Walking Dead for its second season, where he’ll be able to swap out running from werewolves for running from zombies. (Although, to be fair, Norman should’ve been a little more afraid of vampires.)

AMC is being cagey about what role Scott will play next season, but TV Line scoured the most recent casting breakdown and has an educated guess. He’ll potentially be playing a guy named Casey, a “decent man who believes in civility” (which isn’t hard, civility’s a behavior, not a ghost) and “is confident in an unexpected position of authority.” He’s a loyal family man, and “is still learning to be a leader. He regrets but accepts the necessary violence for a new vision.” All of that makes him sound a little bit like early-years Rick Grimes, version 2.0, but this is the West coast, so maybe he’ll also be really into kale. The first half of The Walking Dead’s second season (because it has to be split into two parts, per AMC’s contract with the devil) premieres April 10.


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