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Doug Liman to direct sniper thriller while Gambit gets its act together

Doug Liman’s dreams of finally doing cinematic justice to everyone’s favorite Cajun-mutant card shark (because there’s just the one) have been deferred by Fox, as the studio announced last month that it was pushing back the release date for the Channing Tatum-starring (and producing) Gambit. Although the director was probably hard at work envisioning a movie that will combine heist-movie and “sexy thriller” elements with the increasingly-usual superhero fare, the film is undergoing a rewrite that could just scrap those ideas altogether.

So while Reid Carolin crafts Gambit’s (mostly unintelligible) bons mots, Liman is in talks to direct The Wall for Amazon Studios. Described as a “sniper thriller,” The Wall will center on “a sniper and his spotter who are pinned down behind a chunk of wall by a legendary sniper.” Sure, that premise sounds an awful lot like Enemy At The Gates, but Dwain Worrell’s script, which made it onto the Black List in 2014, has presumably taken the story in other, Jude Law-free directions. Helming the “modestly scaled project” won’t interfere with Gambit’s production schedule, though, so we can still expect to see Remy Lebeau playing three-card monte or saving the world in 2017.


[via The Wrap]

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