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Doug Liman might direct the Cannonball Run remake

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Photo: Michael Kovac (Getty Images for YouTube)

Cannonball Run is one of those old movies that always seems to have a remake in development even though we never really see any progress being made on it (see also: Logan’s Run, coincidentally), with one of the last updates coming in March of 2016 when Warner Bros. had tapped Get Hard’s Etan Cohen to direct. That take on the project never happened, but Deadline says that Edge Of Tomorrow’s Doug Liman is now in talks to take over the Cannonball Run remake. Apparently, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant wrote a script last year for a version that would’ve been directed by Skyscraper’s Rawson Marshall Thurber, and Liman (assuming he gets the gig) will be working off of that script until a new writer comes on board.


Before anyone starts to think Cannonball Run will actually get its remake, though, it’s worth noting that Liman has established a pattern of dropping out of one big-name movie project every year. It was Gambit in 2016 and Justice League Dark in 2017, so maybe he’ll choose Cannonball Run as his 2018 drop-out.

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