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Dora And The Lost City Of Gold's got fart jokes, Danny Trejo being all cute as Boots

The last trailer for the Dora The Explorer movie made it look like your standard pre-teen adventure, with our hero’s awkward high school experience providing as much peril as the jungle itself. That latter dynamic is heavily on display in the latest clip for James Bobin’s comedy, which finds the pint-sized explorer forced to bond with her classmates when they’re forced into a journey to help save her parents.


If that’s not enough to entice you (or your kids), maybe some giddy fart jokes would do the trick? We have to admit, the wet squelch of quicksand in the above clip is suitably sloppy. That raunch is offset, however, by the adorable trills of...Danny Trejo? He’s voicing Boots, Dora’s monkey companion, and, though we’ve yet to hear him speak as the critter, we do get to hear him make some fuzzy noises that we never thought we’d hear from the guy who played Johnny 23.

Dora And The Lost City Of Gold farts into your heart on August 9.

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