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"Doors-inspired" movie to explore unanswered questions about Jim Morrison (all one of them)

Say what you will about the music of The Doors—and I know you will—but even the band’s most ardent detractors are usually forced to admit that, for all his pretension and the inflated mythology that’s grown up around him, Jim Morrison had a pretty interesting life story, as rock stars go. The only trouble is, it’s been told far too many times—in Oliver Stone’s mostly-bullshit The Doors, in the now-playing documentary When You’re Strange, in countless TV interviews and magazine articles and biographies both authorized and not, in the hushed whispers of stoners circled around their scratchy vinyl copy of Waiting For The Sun, etc. Really, there’s not much about Morrison that hasn’t already been explored, except that no one seems to agree on exactly how he spent those last gasps in Paris just before he died. (Though conspiracy theories abound.)

It’s that sort-of mystery that writer-director Robert Saitzyk plans to explore in The Last Beat, described as the account of “a famous American rock star in the early ’70s, as he navigates his relationships with two women in Paris—a glamorous French Countess named Clemence and his California ’soulmate,’ Valerie Eason.” But don’t expect to hear The Doors on the soundtrack or yet another voiceover reading of “A Feast Of Friends”: As Entertainment Weekly takes great pains to point out, this will be a fictionalized movie “inspired by” Morrison’s story, not unlike Gus Van Sant’s this-is-totally-not-Kurt-Cobain-but-it's-clearly-Kurt-Cobain drama, Last Days. The film will reportedly star Shawn Andrews (still probably best known as “Pickford” in Dazed And Confused).


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