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Doom suddenly a lot less grim when all the sounds are done by mouth

In a time honored tradition, a modder has replaced all of the sounds from the genre defining 1993 classic Doom with his voice. The incorrectly titled “Greatest sound .wad ever” (while not technically a .wad, this Morrowind mod automatically takes the title for greatest sound anything ever) replaces the roaring, chunky, synthesized gunfire, explosions, and chainsaw revving with a silly man making silly noises with his voice. The whole thing brings a much needed bit of levity to the pixelated martian hellscape. When all of your doors open with the sound of a man saying ”whee-ooo” in a high pitched voice, it’s a little easier to see that Cacodemon that pops out as a fuzzy, huggable friend that you can frolic around with.

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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