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He may not be featured in the upcoming Moonrise Kingdom, but Owen Wilson has not walked out of Wes Anderson's heart. The director tells the Dallas Morning News (via The Film Stage) that his first feature without his longtime collaborator is just an aberration representing only a temporary lapse in their symbiotic relationship (in so many words), and that his very next movie will reunite them. "We started out doing this stuff together in the first place. It's a family dynamic," Anderson said of Wilson, after someone jokingly asked, "Hey, where's Owen Wilson?" like always and Anderson actually took them seriously. Anyway, that's all Anderson would say about his next movie for now—and he's still working on the script with an unnamed "old friend" who's not normally in the movie business—although he has let slip that it's a "large ensemble piece" set in Europe, suggesting Owen Wilson will play the Norwegian fjords.


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