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Don't worry, MoviePass will still let you see a different movie every day

Photo: Joe Scarnici (Getty Images for MoviePass)

Every day brings new twists and turns to the saga of MoviePass, giving subscribers a regular reminder that they should get as much use out of that little red card as they can before the theater chains nuke the whole service from orbit, but today we have a rare bit of good news. Recently, the MoviePass website stopped offering its year-long subscription plan, which allows subscribers to see a movie every day—a different movie every day—for a year. In its place was a three-month subscription that included a free trial of iHeartRadio that only allowed subscribers to see four movies a month, which seemed like the beginning of the end for the too-good-to-be-true company.

As it turns out, though, there’s nothing for MoviePass fans to worry about. The company isn’t buckling under the weight of its subscribers, the movie companies aren’t winning, and the movie-a-day plan isn’t going away. As reported by Variety, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe says the whole thing is basically a misunderstanding and that the old plan will be available again in the future. “It’s marketing 101,” he says, explaining that he didn’t want people to ignore the iHeartRadio promotion in favor of the other (and clearly better) plan, so they simply removed it as an option.


Lowe could easily be making this up and covering for the possibility that MoviePass didn’t intend to bring the old plan back until users got mad

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