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Don't worry, Corey Feldman has finally been reunited with his Dream A Little Dream jacket

Like an elderly professor unexpectedly separated from his consciousness and somehow trapped in the body of a smart-aleck teenager, Corey Feldman’s leather jacket from the 1989 film Dream A Little Dream has spent the last two years wandering this world, uncertain whether it would ever get back home. Ripped away from Feldman at an L.A. House Of Blues show in 2011, the jacket has endured many a night since lying crumpled, cold and alone, softly singing Michael Damian’s “Rock On” at the moon, the lingering scent of Corey Feldman’s hair mousse growing ever more faint. Would they ever be reunited, it wondered? Or, like Jason Robards’ wife in that movie, would it be forever lost in some sort of alpha dream state or whatever, y’know, some shit like that?

Fortunately, there’s no need for a four-way metaphysical meditation experiment or whatever the fuck: Corey Feldman and his jacket are one again, after a man discovered it in a Boston flea market and—as anyone would—instantly recognized it, no doubt saying, “Why, this is the leather jacket famously worn in 1989 body-switching comedy Dream A Little Dream by Corey Feldman’s character, Dinger!” After the assembled flea market crowd turned to correct him in unison that, no, “Dinger” is actually the name of Corey Haim’s character, the chagrinned man immediately set about making another thing right. He got Feldman’s leather back to him, so it could once more drape his shoulders while Feldman impersonated Michael Jackson for some reason.


And so, despite its estimated value of $100,000 (one dollar for every metal stud; one penny for every heart it touched), and its priceless value as a piece of living movie history, the jacket was returned. According to TMZ, a grateful Feldman rewarded the man with an all-expenses-paid trip to L.A., where he provided him with hotel accommodations, a “six-foot female bodyguard to ‘protect’ him during his stay,” a walk-on during one of his rock shows in L.A., and finally donated some of the profits to a charity benefitting victims of the Boston marathon.

And then, as all things involving Corey Feldman must go at some point, Corey Feldman impersonated Michael Jackson for some reason, this time at a Limp Bizkit show. And just like Dream A Little Dream ended, who even remembers, everything worked out, probably. [via Zap2It]

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