Proving that good things always come to those who wait—after capriciously abandoning the ridiculously good things they already had, creating a colorful, loud fantasy world where they are a lone wolf rebelling against the system, rather than a multimillionaire denied unfettered freedom to act as ruthlessly arrogant as possible, and then finding ways to turn that illusion of rebellion into its own exploitative industry—Charlie Sheen has found a new home on television. According to a network press release, FX has picked up Sheen’s long-gestating sitcom adaptation of the Jack Nicholson-Adam Sandler movie Anger Management—in which Charlie Sheen plays a therapist with unconventional, Charlie Sheen-like methods who wreaks Charlie Sheen-like havoc on his very un-Charlie Sheen patients—for a 10-episode order, with a guarantee of 90 episodes to follow if the show manages to attract enough morbid curiosity to score acceptable ratings. The deal brings Sheen’s new show to a network where reruns of Two And A Half Men already do very well, and now everyone can make easy American Horror Story jokes. (Go for it.) It also means everybody can stop worrying about Charlie Sheen’s next career move and perhaps focus on their families, or whatever it is we used to do.