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Don't worry, Aaron Sorkin says he has no real plans to revive The Newsroom

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images for Palm Springs International Film Festival)

The Newsroom was one of those rare shows that seemed to do pretty well while being hated by nearly everyone who watched every episode (sort of like a more enlightened-seeming Entourage), and so when series regular Olivia Munn floated the idea of a modern-day revival earlier this week, the concept was met with what we would consider “aggressive disinterest.” Munn said that she has pitched creator Aaron Sorkin on returning to the show so it could pull its whole “this is how the media should’ve done it” gimmick on some more recent news stories—i.e. Dernold Tromp, or whatever that bad guy’s name is.

Unfortunately for her/fortunately for us, Sorkin himself conveniently appeared on James Corden’s show last night and set the record straight. As reported by Vulture, he has “no plans” to return to “anything” he has previously done, implying that there’ll be no Newsroom revival about the 2016 election and no Social Network sequel about Mark Zuckerberg’s continued descent into Lex Luthor. Besides, that movie was already made. It was called Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and it sucked. Sorkin also reminded viewers to check out the things he’s doing now, like his Broadway version of To Kill A Mockingbird, but he does agree with Munn that it would be interesting to see what The Newsroom would be like if it were on today.


Obviously, nobody who ever watched The Newsroom would say that, as we all know it would just be uniquely exhausting.

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