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Don't try to bring those nerdy Coca-Cola bottles from Galaxy's Edge on a plane

As of now, there are only, like, three things you can do at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: There’s the Millennium Falcon ride, and that build-a-lightsaber thing, and also a restaurant that apparently has a decent breakfast. In order to make the trip (and the extra cost) worth it for Star Wars fans, the Disney park has plenty of souvenirs and goodies for you to bring home (for an extra cost, of course)—and some that aren’t supposed to be taken home, say, for the purpose of selling on eBay. But as we learned from that whole situation, Star Wars fans are so jazzed about Galaxy’s Edge that even the trash from that place is valuable. Trash, like the bottles of Coca-Cola products that come packaged to resemble “thermal detonators”—in layman’s terms: grenades, but for space adventures. The TSA—the real TSA and not whatever approximates a regulatory air travel agency in Star Wars world—is not so amused by your space trash, however.

When asked if these special Galaxy’s Edge Coca-Cola bottles can be brought on a plane, the TSA made it perfectly clear that replicas of explosive devices—even those that are obviously just Coke bottles shaped like Christmas ornaments that have been repurposed for nerds—are not allowed:


But what if you remove the cap? Ah, but they thought of that, too:

There you have it. The TSA hates your nerdy space trash and maybe also Christmas.

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