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Don't hold your breath for a Scarlet Witch movie

Elisabeth Olsen in Captain America: Civil War
Screenshot: Captain America: Civil War

Scarlet Witch has appeared in three Marvel movies, and is getting ready for the biggest fight of everyone’s lives in Avengers: Infinity War. But if you think all that time spent in costume means Elisabeth Olsen is angling for a solo Maximoff adventure, well, we have some news for you. The Avengers: Age Of Ultron star tells Everything Iconic podcast host Danny Pellegrino that she and Marvel are content with the role Scarlet Witch has played so far, and see no reason to switch things up.

Olsen showed some interest in a standalone film for Wanda back in 2016, but, as she told The Huffington Post, she “wouldn’t just do it just to do it. It’d have to make sense for how it advances in the world.” Two years and a Vision love-connection later, Olsen says the movie is “at ground zero. It’s definitely not something I’m pushing, and I don’t know if it’s something that [Marvel is] going to push either.” Maybe the Ingrid Goes West actress is just trying not to distract from the upcoming Captain Marvel movie—the first female-led MCU entry—or the long-simmering solo outing for Black Widow.


But, showing she shares Taika Waititi’s sense of humor, Olsen did tell Pellegrino that she and Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, have “joked about having a domestic television show on Netflix or something, and it would just be like a house event where Scarlet Witch goes bananas. That’s what we joke about, but I don’t think any of those things are happening.” Okay, so that’s not quite the rom-com idea the Thor: Ragnarok pitched, but Olsen isn’t that interested in a spin-off at the moment anyway: “I’m happy that I’m still around and they still use me well—and that’s fine.”

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