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Don't go rathole to rathole: Here's a teaser for season 3 of Future Man

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It’s been a painfully long time since Hulu’s Future Man dumped Josh, Tiger, and Wolf in yet another apocalyptic future of their own making, with the second season finale of the show airing in late 2017, but one of the best time travel comedies on TV is finally coming back for its final season in April. Hulu has shared a trailer for the season, and it establishes the new premise: After escaping Seth Rogen’s evil game show (spoiler alert, apparently) the trio steals a time travel device (TTD) and runs throughout history to escape the bad things they’ve done… by probably doing more bad things. Also, it looks like the gang will be meeting a bunch of historical figures this time around and setting up wacky gags like Abraham Lincoln complaining about going to the theater (is that a The Room reference?) and Gandhi getting punched. But if they’re pulling in famous historical figures, what about famous historical figures from the future? Like, maybe a legendary filmmaker/undersea adventurer/scientist? What we’re saying is: What are the odds that Hulu made a James Cameron cameo happen for this?

We’ll know for sure when Future Man returns on April 3.


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