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What Michael Patrick King wants, Michael Patrick King gets. After the Sex And The City creator hinted loudly in the pages of Entertainment Weekly that he wouldn’t mind reviving his other HBO show, the network listened. The Comeback ran for 13 episodes back in 2005, and starred Lisa Kudrow as a washed-up actress desperate for a second chance. After some talks between King and the network, E! is reporting that the show has been revived for an abbreviated six-episode run, with the door open for a longer order if the series is successful.

King has apparently been working on scripts with former Sex colleague Amy B. Harris and Scandal writer Dan Bucantisky. Along with Kudrow, supporting actors Malin Ackerman and Kellan Lutz are also expected to return. The original series was a mockumentary, purporting to be a reality show that followed Kudrow as she stooped lower and lower in an effort to hang on to her dwindling fame. What was ahead of its time in 2005 should be right on the money in this, the Real Housewives era—and seeing as Hollywood is determined to bring back every TV show that ever aired, it may as well start with one of the good ones.


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