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Donnie Wahlberg is eager to talk to you about some Very Scary People

Photo: Charley Gallay (Getty Images for Turner)

According to Variety, Donnie Wahlberg is getting in on this hot true crime game with a new series on CNN sister network HLN called Very Scary People—which is a Very Dumb Name. As indicated by that title, the show is about people who very scary, like John Wayne Gacy and Charles Manson, and each two-hour episode will feature Wahlberg using footage from the CNN archives to tell viewers about what these people did that was so very scary.

The series premieres the first of its six episodes tonight, but the producers they’ve already “made a list of 25 people who would live up to the series’ title,” so it could easily go on for even longer. That’s especially true if Wahlberg decides to cover some truly scary people like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees. Also, Wahlberg seems like a surprising choice for this show, but he does apparently still play a cop on CBS’ Blue Bloods and he watched Making A Murderer. That’s as much relevant experience as anyone really needs.


Now, here’s a list of better titles they could’ve used: Bad Boys, Bad Guys, Tales From The CNN Archives, Scary News: It’s Like The News But Scary, Killer Killers, Very Donnie People, Donnie Wahlberg Presents: HLN Needs To Fill As Many Hours As Possible And People Seem To Like Murder Shows, and Very Berry People.

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