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Despite Donald Trump’s delusional assertion that she’s “over-rated,” it seems like a number of people actually paid attention to Meryl Streep’s passionate call for protecting America’s free press during her Golden Globes speech last night. Streep specifically asked the audience to support the Committee To Protect Journalists (a non-profit group that defends members of the press all around the world), and according to an Associated Press report, donations to that very organization surged overnight. As of this afternoon, the CPJ has received around 700 donations through its website, with a total of $60,000 coming in and more people “still reaching out.”

In a statement, the CPJ notes that 2016 was “the worst on record” in terms of journalists being imprisoned across the globe, so it’s clear that things aren’t looking too good even aside from Trump. Anyone interested in following Meryl Streep’s advice can find more information about the CPJ at its website.


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