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Donations sought for J. Robbins' son

Indie-rock producer and artist J. Robbins–of Jawbox, Burning Airlines, and Channels fame–recently learned that his son, Cal, is affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a serious, incurable genetic disease that affects the way the brain communicates with muscles.

The prognosis is unfortunately grim: According to a website created by Kim Coletta and Bill Barbot (Robbins' bandmates in Jawbox), Cal's type-I SMA is typically fatal. Even if he lives beyond his second birthday, he will be wheelchair-bound and battle serious medical problems the rest of his life.

The Robbins family is seeking both conventional and alternative medical treatments, but J.'s single-payer insurance will be no match for the massive medical costs. To help them, Coletta and Barbot are collecting donations through their website.

Any help will be appreciated. As an editorial aside, J. Robbins is one of the unsung heroes of independent music and one of the nicest, most genuine folks you'll find in the music world. If you can, please help.


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