Donald Trump on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

What a summer Donald Trump has had—he announced his presidential candidacy in June, offended a significant portion of the country’s largest minority group only days later, lost support for his “scholarship program”, supposedly engaged in a flame war with a drug cartel, was lampooned by David Letterman, and somehow still found the time to say disturbing things about his daughter. These hateful actions are all in a day’s work (for which he likely earned millions of dollars, based on his own calculations) for the pompous pompadoured one, but they also resulted in a falling out with NBC, which started looking for a new blowhard to host The Apprentice.

But Trump was somehow not vanquished by having his catchphrase turned on him, and has been directing his energy toward suing people and kissing babies on the campaign trail. He’s also had a Latino journalist ejected from a press conference, given a hilarious interview to Sarah Palin, and earned Chris Christie’s admiration. And so, having sufficiently martialed his forces, Trump is ready to storm the gates at NBC, i.e., sneak in the side door as a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.


Deadline reports that Trump and his apoplectic ways have found their way back to Fallon’s couch, but the talk show isn’t exactly trumpeting his appearance—Trump’s name appears at the end of a press release that includes the names of the other guests who will stop in the first week of its 11th season. We can’t imagine why the show’s producers aren’t promoting Trump’s appearance when it’s clearly a coup—after all, they beat Stephen Colbert to the punch (anything to get those late-night wars going again).

In any case, Trump is scheduled to appear on September 11 (that’s not ominous at all), along with Terence Howard and musical guest Pharrell Williams. We’re sure the notoriously genial Trump will be happy to engage in whatever game Fallon and his writers concoct. Well, except for Word Sneak, which might trigger another racist tirade, what with its words slipping into conversations they weren’t born in to defile the law-abiding prepositions and clauses that have every right to be there. And Trump will probably also abstain from playing Drinko, since the name is borderline Spanglish.