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Donald Trump talks running mates and paid debates on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

(Screengrab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzO-JYjEcHE)

Last night, The Weeknd and Belly dropped out of appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in order to maintain their distance (and sanity) from someone “who has beliefs that majority of us don’t agree with.” Surprisingly enough, that person was not Kimmel Live! bandleader Cleto Escobedo. It was actually presidential hopeful and Neil Young fan Donald Trump, who then had Kimmel’s full attention. The strategically-coiffed renegade politician followed up an appearance at an Anaheim rally with an extended chat. Kimmel asked the difficult questions, such as how Trump feels about securing the all-important Tila Tequila endorsement.

Trump’s mini-mitts didn’t hinder him during the wide-ranging interview, as he managed to touch on several topics, including how he feels about Hillary Clinton, where he gets his insults from (his brain), and the best way to vet your running mate. (Hint: it’s not by asking them how attractive they find your daughters.)

Later in the program, Kimmel asked his coral-hued guest to cop to his John Miller publicity shenanigans, an alias that Trump denied having ever assume, though he did admit that using aliases is part of doing real estate business. As a fellow outsider, Trump seemed amenable to debating Bernie Sanders, though he’d only do it for the right amount of money—which he’d promptly donate to charity, of course. Hey, you can’t expect a purported billionaire to do anything for free, especially when he can guarantee “yuge” ratings.

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