Kate McKinnon, Alec Baldwin (Screenshot: NBC)

Last night’s Emma Stone-hosted Saturday Night Live opened once again on Alec Baldwin’s easily distracted, blustering Donald Trump, a trend that continues to displease one Donald Trump himself, who tweeted:


Apart from the fact that, according to The A.V. Club’s review, the Stone show was one of the strongest outings of the young season, it’s perhaps ironic that Trump chose to stay up and express his displeasure about SNL’s depiction of him during the actual show since the sketch in question was centered on Trump’s seeming disinterest on buckling down and getting ready to step into his new job. In the sketch, two aides and Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway attempt in vain to get their boss-elect to pay attention to intelligence briefings while Trump—wait for it—fucks around on Twitter.

The sketch (which sees the other performers repeatedly breaking character to assure the audience that Baldwin is reenacting actual events) shows Trump delightedly retweeting a random 16-year-old kid and someone with an egg avatar, offering to tweet, call, and text various world leaders from his cell phone, and basically doing anything but pay attention to the work at hand. What could the Donald object to? Maybe McKinnon’s Conway confessing that all Trump’s antics are just a smoke screen to blind the media to his massive business conflicts of interest and “all the very scary people in his cabinet.” (Advisor and noted white supremacist Steve Bannon finally makes his SNL appearance as the actual Grim Reaper.)


Whatever the true reason for Trump’s wrath, the fact that Baldwin is apparently content to don the orange paint and cotton candy wig for the foreseeable future should guarantee that Trump won’t have time to do anything else on Saturday nights. For which we can all be grateful.