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Illustration for article titled Donald Trump’s iSNL/i joke theft isn’t lost on Seth Meyers

It did not escape Seth Meyers—or anyone, really—that Donald Trump seemed to pilfer from Chevy Chase’s playbook in a recent Time interview when he declared: “Hey look, in the mean time, I guess, I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not.“ Aside from the “holy-shit-can-you-believe-the-man-in-the-Oval-Office-actually-said-that” quality of the statement, it also egregiously copies Chase’s famous Weekend Update line. And Meyers is pissed.

“Okay, I didn’t mind when you talked dirty with Billy Bush or told Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, but when you start stealing bits from Weekend Update anchors, it is on,” he said during his Late Night monologue. “Also, I happen to know this isn’t the first time you’ve done this.” For example, Trump’s constant cry of “fake news” sounds an awful lot like Norm MacDonald’s catchphrase. So, in response, Meyers borrowed from another one of his Saturday Night Live predecessors: “You know I hate to say this, but Donald, you ignorant slut.”


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