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Donald Trump removed that weird campaign video with The Dark Knight Rises score after Warner Bros. threatened legal action

Photo: Alex Wong (Getty Images)

After spending much of his time in office campaigning for a position he already has, Donald Trump has finally shifted his short attention span to the 2020 presidential election. Yesterday, Trump posted a bizarre new campaign video to Twitter that featured Hans Zimmer’s score from The Dark Knight Rises (of course this dummy likes the one with Bane) and used the same font as the Christopher Nolan film. As Variety reports, it didn’t take long for Warner Bros. to threaten legal action, forcing Trump and his team to remove the video.

The campaign video, which could best be described as a wildly misguided conservative art student’s short film project, featured an assortment of imagery and ideas seemingly compiled by a 10-year-old: Footage of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, meant to point out their failures, was used to highlight (?) Trump’s success. Set to Zimmer’s “Why Do We Fall?” from The Dark Knight Rises, the video was cut with a series of title cards which prove we are being ruled by a sentient Jody Hill character:

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they call you a racist. Donald J. Trump. Your vote. Proved them all wrong. Trump: The Great Victory. 2020.


Congratulations, George W. Bush. Your “Fool me once” bit is officially no longer the dumbest thing a sitting president has ever said.

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