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The final outcome of the match in question. (Photo: Leon Halip / Getty Images)

If the Idiocracy countdown clock isn’t already a thing that exists, it really should be, because the bag of haggis dipped in Thousand Island currently in possession of our nuclear codes just moved it forward to 11:59:59. You see, in that film, the President of the United States of America is a former pro wrestler, and the national political discourse has been replaced with lowest-common-denominator spectacles celebrating violence. Meanwhile, here’s where we’re at in real life:


That’s a video of Donald Trump body-slamming the abstract concept of major cable news network CNN and all its employees, whose threat level has been upgraded from “fake news” (no caps) to “FAKE NEWS” (all caps) to “Fraud News” over the past couple of months. The video—retweeted from President Trump’s official Twitter account early this morning—originates with Wrestlemania 23 back in 2007, when Donald Trump and Vince McMahon showed Lincoln and Douglas what civil debate is all about by pretending to beat the shit out of each other in the so-called “Battle of the Billionaires” event.

The clip was resurrected on Reddit’s the_Donald board (where else?) a few days back, when a user named “HanAssholeSolo” re-posted the clip with a CNN logo superimposed over McMahon’s head and the title “Trump takes down fake news.” Today, the Pepe set is celebrating SunnyD Senpai noticing one of its own, commemorating Mr. AssholeSolo’s achievement with the traditional greeting of their people: “Ultimate validation of your shitposting is achieved today!” His nomination as the new White House Press Secretary is presumably forthcoming.

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