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The entertainment world is still reeling from the fact that Roseanne Barr is actually being punished for making a racist comment on Twitter, with ABC canceling the well-received Roseanne revival yesterday, but it seems like the topic must have come up on Fox & Friends this morning because the most famous TV-watcher in America is now weighing in. We’re referring to Donald Trump, of course, because it’s 2018 and the goddamn president is on social media whining about how it’s not fair that Barr got in trouble when Disney CEO (and ABC owner) Bob Iger hasn’t had to apologize for being mean to sad baby Donald Trump.

In his defense, it’s easy to see why Barr’s unflinching excommunication from the TV world may seem unfair. After all, while what she did was undeniably racist, he does a hundred racist things with every breath he takes and he hasn’t been punished yet. Hell, not only has he not been punished for the vile things he says and does on a daily basis, but he’s still stinking up the Oval Office. Plus, since he constantly watches Fox News, it must be utterly unthinkable to him that someone could actually lose a TV show for saying something racist.


Anyway, here’s his comment about Roseanne. It’s stupid. He’s stupid. The whole thing is stupid.

[via Deadline]

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