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Donald Trump is showered with hot questions in SNL’s cold open

For nemeses Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin, Saturday Night Live continues to service their needs by having Baldwin’s Trump open most shows these days. That lets Baldwin split for the evening, and Trump can get in his weekly post-SNL tweetstorm right off the bat. It seems the president-elect was too busy harassing a hero of the Civil Rights Movement to weigh in on this week’s episode, but Baldwin was back at the top of the show, reenacting Trump’s first press conference since July 2016. Being Saturday Night Live (and with the specter of a whole lot of “golden shower” jokes just sitting there, glistening), there were a lot of piss jokes.


Mocking the unverified but widely considered not-all-that-improbable report of Trump hiring Russian prostitutes to put on a pee show on a hotel bed previously used by the Obamas (and, yes, this is the actual president-elect we’re talking about, God save us all), Baldwin’s Trump kept Freudian-slipping like he was walking in a puddle of warm urine on a cold bathroom floor. Attempting to divert the steady flow (sorry) of questions from the beleaguered press corps, Trump promises “a thick stream of jobs,” before doubling down with the added bonus of “the biggest, strongest, steadiest stream,” and concluding with the boast that he’s “a major whiz at jobs.” You get it.

Sure, there were jokes about Trump’s upcoming, largely star-free inauguration (he hypes up 3 Doors Down and “the Rockette with the least money in her savings”), and the sketch sees the Donald belittling BuzzFeed and CNN (as you do, when you’re a petulant man-baby terrified to answer substantive questions), but we’re mainly here for the potty stuff. Trump implies that he’s not long for the job, suggesting Mike Pence will be sworn in as the country’s 46th president in about two months, and there’s the requisite joke about all those supposedly definitive file folders about his financial situation that no one was allowed to touch or look at in any way but which were totally real. But when it came right down to it, and Beck Bennett’s shirtless Vladimir Putin taunted Trump with a VHS tape marked “Pee Pee Tape,” this Trump just had pee on his brain.

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