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Donald Trump is cuter than a pig in boots in this kawaii commercial

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Out of all the words that have been used to describe Donald Trump, “cute” is not one of them. Maybe it’s the towering ego, or maybe it’s the overt racism, but there’s just not a whole lot that makes us want to cuddle up to Trump. Even if he does kind of resemble this adorable little pig in rain boots (it’s in the face):

(Photo: Life Magazine)

But all that is about to change, thanks to a slyly subversive piece of video art from filmmaker/special effects artist/YouTube star Mike Diva. In Diva’s cotton-candy-colored kawaii vision, a Trump-obsessed Japanese fangirl is transported from her bedroom—full of posters and drawings of the bloviating candidate—to a magical CGI realm of Trumpian wonder, where the reality-show douchebag-turned-presumptive Republican nominee for the President Of The United States Of America appears on magical cherry-blossom trees, a magical neckbeard dinosaur, a magical wall-building cyborg, and, well, a bunch of other magical stuff. It’s all so demented and cute, you almost don’t notice the swastikas and nuclear warheads in the background, expressing Diva’s true feelings about the candidate.

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