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There are a host of competing theories about the nature of Donald Trump, depending on who you ask: that he is a bumbling, senile nutsack who fell ass-first into the most powerful job on the planet; that he is a career snake-oil salesman who has developed a secondary skill set as master propagandist; that he is a Russian puppet who is the cumulation of decades of foreign intrigue; that he is a malicious, power-hungry fascist contemptuous of the very nature of democracy. Perhaps one of these is most correct, or perhaps several of them are, but the one thread that unites them is that he is a small man.

He is petty, he is small, he is angry, he is vituperative and contemptuous, and as yesterday’s free-wheeling descent into madness masquerading as a press conference proved, he is needy. He wants nothing more than to be loved. He is scared right now, and so this weekend he is running back to the one place he feels understood: standing in the center of a cauldron of nihilists, racists, and disaffected laborers who mistakenly believe he is their voice. He is the voice of only himself, and that is because he is a small man.


There is an entire subreddit devoted to visual manifestations of this smallness. Here is a small Trump:

Here he is with Dad:

Source: u/Smelly_Jim


He meets a big man:

Source: u/SpagNMeatball

This little guy has things under control:


Here is the little man with the whole crew:

The little fellow had a big day yesterday:


He sort of looks like an egg here—a serious little egg boy:

It is a tired meme at this point that Donald Trump has small hands, but it exists in the first place because he actually does have small hands. While this is nothing to be self-conscious about, he nevertheless is, and this is because he is self-conscious about what it says in relationship to the size of his penis. And so even if his small hands do not mean that he has a small penis, it does mean that he is a small man—a deeply dangerous, pathetic small man.


You can see many more small Trumps here.

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