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Donald Trump is a garbage can

Now, it’s not just Donald Trump’s policies that are garbage, or that he is attempting to actually destroy the planet. Early this morning, British Humor site The Poke posted this on its Twitter feed:


Their request was quickly honored, with a stream of Photoshop collages spilling onto the site. The image was picked up by the subreddit Photoshopbattles, who made the image their choice for the day’s Photoshop challenge.

We bet you’d like to get in on the fun as well. We know that you’re busy(-ish) people, so in the effort of saving you from whatever busy work is keeping you from placing our garbage president into all sorts of zany situations, we’ve isolated the image against a transparent background that you can download here.

A few warm-up efforts to get things going:

Image: Sony

Garbage can Trump as a villain in Media Molecule’s modest but beloved video game, Tearaway.

Image: Children’s Television Workshop

Oscar the Grouch stating in sign form what we’re all thinking.

Here’s a melancholy one from Reddit:


A natural fit with Minecraft:


And, finally, Garbage President hard at work in the real world.


Hopefully these are helping to blow the barn doors of your creativity wide open. Download the transparent image of Garbage President here.

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